Move-in Move-out Cleaning / Cleaners

DIY is the way to go for daily chores and weekend “honey-do” lists but the tough jobs deserve professional attention. The vast, hardwearing floors and windows of your home are continuously collecting grit and grime. The special solutions and equipment of professional cleaners deeply clean hardwood and carpet as well as window glass, screens, and blinds. Upholstery can also benefit from this type of treatment. When considering gutters, chimneys, and air ducts, pass these awkward and potentially dangerous chores into more capable, well- trained hands. Finally, usher calm and order into your home with a professional organizer. With hel,p you’ll conquer mountains of cluttered chaos and sentimental keepsakes you’ve been holding onto for years.

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The sneaky dirt, odor, and grime that hide in corners, on ledges, and under the rugs may be clues that some key, and often overlooked, household chores may need attention. Get down and dirty scrubbing the spills and debris under the washer and dryer. Climb the heights of the nearest step-ladder to wipe atop the fridge and ceiling fan blades. Un-scuff and buff the baseboards and moldings. Deodorize and sanitize the insides of your dishwasher, washing machine, and even your outdoor trashcan. Next, go even deeper in the clean; investigate the contents of your pantry and the space behind the couch cushions and vacuum as needed. Then clean the vacuum as well.

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10 Must-Try Kitchen Cleaning Tips

There are lots of unfamiliar cleaning methods that can be great for tackling household chores. Try a few of the following tips to keep you kitchen sparkling: 1) Uncooked white rice. Run it through the coffee grinder to keep it oil-free. 2) A paper towel soaked in Method All-Purpose Cleaner wrapped around a chopstick cleans […]

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10 Things to Know About Rental Deposits

Deposit disputes can ruin a renter’s financial ability to move on. Spare yourself headaches with these safeguards: 1) Check out potential landlords thoroughly. 2) Negotiate your deposit. 3) Agree, in writing, to use your deposit in case of early departure. 4) Investigate any rental deposit or housing discrimination. 5) Document property condition with carefully upon […]

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10 Tips for Cleaning Before You Move Out

A multitude of housekeeping sins may be revealed when you decide to move out. Cleaning up the sticky spills where the couch used to be and the grit where the blender used to sit will require some elbow grease and tips for navigating the grime. Recover your deposit and make a clean break with the […]

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10 Ways to Clean Up

Cleaning expert, Mary Lazarus, shares 10 tips for less laborious household cleaning. First, decide whether you will do a light dusting, deep clean, or organizing job. Assess which rooms require more work, using checklists to stay on track. Multitask well; use TV time to fold clothes or sort drawers, set time limits, and combine tasks […]

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10 Week Holiday Preparation Plan

A thoughtful approach to your holiday planning can save you and your family a multitude of holiday headaches. Strategize the preceding weeks by breaking up usual stressors into these ten manageable activities: Week 1) Plan décor, gifts, and menus. De-clutter. Week 2) Determine holiday budget and deep cleaning living areas. Week 3) Clean, stock and […]

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12 Anal-Retentive Tips For Cleaning an Apartment When Moving Out

Few landlords could justify holding onto your security deposit if you followed these move-out tips. Twelve, detailed pointers include a few specific, gold-star cleaning methods that will have your apartment showing better than the day you arrived. Though the usual dirty suspects like floors, baths, and appliances are addressed, this comprehensive list suggests you take […]

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15 Ways To Make Time To Clean

Planning is the key to a pristine home. Consider these ways to get your chores done efficiently: 1) Schedule. Use a day planner to prioritize cleaning time and make chores a routine part of your week. 2) Cheat. Clean only what is dirty and visible, or use handy gadgets that will save you precious time. […]

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20 Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Secure your rental security deposit with several key guidelines. Primarily, view your rental agreement clearly; study your lease expectations well. Use room checklists, make a detailed photographic record, and perform a move-in walk through with the landlord. Keep the home as clean as possible and make repairs promptly. When moving out, clean well, repeat the […]

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