Tired of Cleaning?

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Your Life is Just Too Busy to Spend Time Cleaning!

We know how it is. You barely have time to get up, go to work, make sure you have clothes to wear, pay your bills, and get gas in your car. Heck, dinner and food in the fridge are a challenge on top of all of that! And if you have kids and/or pets, the stress of too much to do is even more.  Who has time for cleaning these days, anyway?

We’ll Clean for You!

We love leaving you with a clean place.  You’ll know something in your life has changed as soon as you walk in. (There’s really nothing quite like the smell of a freshly cleaned home!) You’ll just want to stay home that night, and bask in it.  Your carpet will be deep-vaccuumed.  Things will be picked up.  You’ll be able to see your kitchen counters again, and remember what they look like.  And your sinks, toilets, tubs and showers will shine like they never have. You’ll feel like has just gotten a whole lot better.

Whether it is your home you need cleaned, a place you’re moving out of (and you’re wanting your full deposit back), or your office.  We have many different kinds of clients and we so such a great job, that the longevity of our clientele is unmatched.

But… You May Have Questions:

How much does it cost?

Our price for cleaning depends on how big your place is, and well…  how much cleaning it needs. 🙂  But, it’s really simple to find out.  All you have to do is give us a call.  We’ll set up a time to come to see your place, and tell you what it will take to get it spotless.

Can I schedule weekly or monthly cleaning?

Yes, you can.  Many of our clients do just that.  Our pricing is reasonable, and we know you’ll love our quality. You may just get addicted like our other clients and have us come clean each week.  We’ll also come every other week.  Or, even once a month if that is all you need.  Just let us know what you want.

Do You Bring Your Own Cleaning Supplies?

No, we don’t. But, when we give you a price for your cleaning, we’ll tell you exactly what we need so you can have it when we come to clean.  We don’t need anything fancy or out of the ordinary, so no worries.  And, if you have allergies or prefer green cleaning supplies, that is fine, too. We’re very respectful of those requirements.  You call the shots.

Are you bonded?

No, we are not bonded.  We haven’t spent the money to jump through those hoops.  However, we’re honest and trustable, and we have plenty of clients that have used us for years (both for homes and offices) and we’re happy to have you talk to any of them before you decide to hire us.

How We Are Different

Many of our clients have used big cleaning services and other providers in the past.  Once they use us, they switch.  The consistent feedback we get is that we are:

  • More thorough
  • Fast
  • Quiet and respectful
  • Reliable
  • No nonsense

We will not spend time on the phone while we’re cleaning your home or office.  If you are working at home, we’ll make sure that we don’t disturbe what you’re doing.

Most of all, we are good and EASY to work with.  You’ll be glad you gave us a try!

Give Israel a Call Today!

Please call Israel at (303) 990-7627.  He’ll set up an estimate visit with you and get you on your way.

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